cooking tips

make the cut

See which steaks make the grade for summer grilling, then get cooking with easy recipes.

raw cuts of beef
Medium rare sirloin


Sirloin steak gives you prime flavor without a premium price tag. Top sirloin is lean and boneless, and benefits from a tasty rub or marinade.

grilled porterhouse


Porterhouse combines the best of both worlds: hearty NY strip on one side of the bone and buttery filet mignon on the other.

steak and Brussels sprouts

new york strip

New York strip steak is a steakhouse favorite: lean, tender and robustly flavored. It’s available boneless or bone-in at the butcher’s case.

skirt steak on a plate

skirt steak

Skirt steak, the traditional cut for fajitas, was meant to be marinated. This chewy steak soaks up flavors like a champ. Slice against the grain before serving.

sliced steak meal on plate

should I slice (or serve) steaks immediately after grilling?

Always rest steaks for 5 minutes after cooling to allow juices to redistribute. Steaks will continue to cook, and rise in temperature by 3–5˚F.

steaks on flaming grill

how do I keep my grill in top shape?

Steaks taste best when they have a crispy, charred exterior. Stop them from sticking by rubbing clean grill grates lightly with cooking oil, or spritzing with nonstick spray before heating.